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We are so happy to have you visit our website.  Please sign our guestbook and let us know you were here.   We would also love for you to visit our church. 

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Message From: cheap ray bans australia   |   Email Address:
do they offer a type of detector where my very own discussion companion would not are aware that my spouse and i applied surveillance cams recorder? just simply ensuring that here.
Posted 08/20/2014

Message From: Daniel P. Moran   |   Email Address:
In this day and time its not easy finding a spiritually driven church, they are far and few between. Stephanie and I are blessed, to have been introduced to Freedom Baptist in Ranburne. God is moving and God is moving strong here!
Posted 08/10/2014

Message From: Ricky Kilgore   |   Email Address:
Really enjoy the Pastors' message. Praise GOD for your work and love for the Lord. God Bless
Posted 10/10/2013

Message From: Christina Campbell   |   Email Address:
I would just like to say that my family had a terrific time at church this morning. Everyone was so nice and we feel so welcome. We will be back!!!!
Posted 08/04/2013

Message From: Naomi lowe and family   |   Email Address:
Just wanted to say hi to everyone and tell yall we miss yall so much would love to come back to our home with yall. Please pray for our family hard to find a job right now if anyone knows of any maintenance jobs or full time farm work please let us know. Love yall god bless
Posted 06/24/2013

Message From: Mary Childers   |   Email Address:
I have been coming to church for bout 2 mo now .. And I Love It .
Posted 08/22/2012

Message From: BRO.WAYNE AND SISTER SHERRY WHITTLE   |   Email Address:
Please sign us up to receive e-mails.
Posted 07/17/2012

Message From: Gayle Daughtrey   |   Email Address:
I love the new website. The Bible feature is awesome. I really enjoy services when we are able to come up and visit mama and daddy(Jane and Wayne Ledbetter.) God Bless You. Gayle
Posted 03/21/2012

Message From: Mylinda Johnson   |   Email Address:
I heard about the Easter play on the radio and we will would really like to come see it. Our church put on one several years back and it seemes to be a lot like the one yall put on. Looking forward to seeing it. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR CHURCH.
Posted 02/29/2012

Message From: heather McCormick   |   Email Address: heather19771@live.cOm
I love this church and the people. Today was my second time there and all. Made me feel welcome. You can feel god here
Posted 10/23/2011

Message From: Sarah Dick   |   Email Address:
Everyone please remember me in your prayers. I miss all of you so much.
Posted 10/08/2011

Message From: wilson smith   |   Email Address:
just visiting and letting you know we finally got our e-mail set up. hope to hear from ya'll soon. have a blessed day
Posted 08/13/2011

Message From: Lori Jones   |   Email Address:
Love our church! Great job Runa!
Posted 07/27/2011
We Love Our Church!!!!