Meet Our Pastor

               Senior Pastor, Dr. Darryl T. Jones  




                                           Pastor and Mrs. Lori 







   Welcome, my name is Darryl Jones and I am Senior Pastor of our Church and I want
   to let you know how thrilled we are that you have joined us on our website.  We are
   truly praying for you as you seek some inspiration from God.  God has called us to this
   place in East Alabama and West Georgia to love and to be an encouragement to
   friends and families as they seek to Know Christ, Grow in Christ and Go in Christ.  We
   hope and trust that we will be a part of your journey as you follow the Lord.

   Our Mission in Church Ministry is to “Ignite a Passion” in people to be a follower of
   Jesus.  In short, we want you to be able to follow Him with all your heart, soul, mind
   and strength.  It’s our aim to lift you vertically every week into the presence of God.
   We want you to embrace your calling and to find a place to use your gifts and abilities
   to advance the kingdom of Christ.  Because at the end of the day, we believe that
   Church Ministry isn’t about us, it’s about helping folks to follow Jesus.  So let us
   know how we can help you.

   We hope you will take the time to review this website and all of our ministries and our
   desire is that you find this truly is a place to believe, belong and become-God Bless





          Pastor Darryl’s Testimony 


Spiritual Pilgrimage

    Our Journey for the last several years has been so amazing and quite an
  experience of God.  In 1990, my wife Lori and I were attending church together.
I remember the invitation quite well to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.  My
wife and I fell at the altar, and both of us prayed to receive Christ.  We were
both baptized and joined the church.  The only problem with all of that is that
my life never changed.  My salvation was counterfeit, and I knew it.  I had a
problem with faith and belief, and I rocked on for the next few years lost.
Coming from a sales background, I could be anything you wanted me to be.  I
could be a Christian or a criminal.  God’s love never passed me by.  I recall a
very early morning, after being out all night under the influence of alcohol;
God spoke to my heart concerning my sin.  The first time in my life, I realized
I was a sinner and that the penalty was a place of torment and separation in a
literal place called Hell.  There was such conviction in my heart.   I realized
it was my sin that hung Jesus on the cross.  I realized that Jesus died in my
place for the penalty of my sin.  As a young man, I was rattled to the truth
that I was lost and on my way to a placed called Hell.  I remember embracing my
heart and dropping to my knees, sorry for my sins.  I realized that was the
final straw.  I asked, or should I say begged, Jesus to forgive me of my sins
and save my soul and take me to a place called Heaven.  I mean to tell you since
that moment, life has been an exciting calling of God.  I cannot explain its
twists and turns, but I feel I have been commissioned to reach all with the good
news of Christ.  God has shown me that it is through love, acceptance, and
forgiveness that we need to embrace a lost and dying world. I pray the Lord will
make us all an instrument of thy peace.  We must all declare that a Pastor’s
role is not just a position; it is a calling of God. I love you in Christ.
Pastor Darryl-Psalm 100 







                                          Pastor, Mrs. Lori, Jordan & Jalin 


Pastor, Mrs. Lori, Jordan & Jalin

We Love Our Church!!!!